Tower of Fantasy features fast-paced combat where you can fight in a variety of ways. While your most common method will be weapons, you can also use Relics to assist you in combat. One Relic that is handy in a fight is the Alternate Destiny. This may leave you wondering how to get the Alternate Destiny Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the Alternate Destiny in Tower of Fantasy

The only way to get the Alternate Destiny Relic in Tower of Fantasy is to get 30 Alternate Destiny Relic Shards. There is no other way to get this Relic, making it one of the hardest to get. Once you have 30 shards, you can use them to unlock this in the Relic menu. Getting more shards allows you to upgrade the Alternate Destiny.

The Alternate Destiny is a powerful SRR Relic that allows you to create a pocket dimension. This provides you and any allies in the bubble immunity to hitstun and prevent your HP from dropping below 20 percent from enemy attacks. Upgrading the Alternate Destiny increases these effects.

How to get Alternate Destiny Relic Shards in Tower of Fantasy

Getting Alternate Destiny Relic Shards is difficult as they are not very common. You will need to earn them as a reward from activities such as events, missions, and defeating bosses. It will take quite some time to unlock the Alternate Destiny, so you will want to target activities with a higher drop rate.

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