In Tower of Fantasy, players get to explore the world around them using a plethora of unique vehicles that they can unlock. These vehicles can range from a motorcycle, floating cubes, and giant mechs. These help you cover the lands of Aida with efficiency, and style. Amongst all vehicles in the game, however, one of the most interesting ones is the Monocross—a cybernetic horse made of metal. In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to unlock the Monocross in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the Monocross mount in Tower of Fantasy

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In order to unlock the Monocross, players will need to collect four components by visiting various locations and completing side quests. The following are the four components you will need to forge the Monocross.

  • Unicorn Power Core
  • Unicorn Bionic Frame
  • Unicorn Cyberlimbs
  • Unicorn Head

How to get a Unicorn Power Core in Tower of Fantasy

In order to obtain the Unicorn Power Core, players will need to trigger a side quest with the NPC named Stoker, who can be found near Goldrush Mountain. Follow these steps to obtain the Unicorn Power Core:

Obtain Fiddlehead Pie

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Collect seven Fiddlehead plants from Banges, and seven Brown Rice from Navia. Use a cooking station to add the ingredients together and obtain Fiddlehead Pie.

Investigate crystal formation

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Transmit to The Miners’ Spacerift and head southwest. At coordinates 278, 284, you should see a large red and blue crystal formation on the rock face. Head over to the left side of the crystal formation, and pick up the Strange Residue from this corner.

Interact with Stoker

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Once you have the Fiddlehead Pie and the Strange Residue, transmit to The Lab Spacerift, then use your Jetpack to glide down south. At coordinates 466, 487, you will find Stoker, who is nestled in an alcove to the west of Area 4. Interact with him, and give him the Fiddlehead Pie, and the Strange Residue. After exhausting his dialogue, head back to the crystal formation.

Activate Energy Conversion Devices

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Once you are back near the crystal formation, you will now see three Energy Conversion Devices in front of it. Interacting with the device will allow you to set the gear in each device. To activate the devices successfully, select Gear 3 on the device to the left, Gear 1 on the middle device, and Gear 3 on the device to the right.

Once activated, a brief cutscene will play out. After this is done, you can collect the Ore Chunk and the Unicorn Power Core.

How to get a Unicorn Bionic Frame in Tower of Fantasy

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In order to obtain the Unicorn Bionic Frame, players will first need to transmit to the Southern Naa Fjords Spacerift. Then, head further north across the ice, toward the large building called Dawn Frontier. Reach the roof of the building using your Jetpack. The password code required to enter the building is 7092. Once you’re inside, sneak past the enemies and avoid detection. Go to the bottom floor of the building, and you should be able to find the Unicorn Bionic Frame in a Supply Pod in one of the alcoves down there.

How to get the Unicorn Cyberlimbs in Tower of Fantasy

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To obtain the Unicorn Cyberlimbs, we will need to head to Warren Snowfield Peak Spacerift, and then head directly south using your Jetpack. At coordinates 926, -410, there will be a water tower situated at a high altitude, with a Supply Pod on top of it. Be prepared, as you will have to face three Treasure Guardians near the water tower. Once they are defeated, jump on top of the water tower and collect the Unicorn Cyberlimbs from the Supply Pod.

How to get a Unicorn Head in Tower of Fantasy

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The Unicorn Head is the only component that is not a guaranteed drop. Therefore, players might need to farm for quite some time before obtaining this rare part. The Unicorn Head is a low-probability drop which players can collect from defeating Devotee Noah, and Devotee Eber. Both of these enemies have less than one percent chance to drop the Unicorn Head, so be prepared to go back and forth between these two enemies frequently. Devotee Noah can be found next to the bridge located northwest of the Parliament Spacerift. In order to find Devotee Eber, transmit to the Crown Omnium Tower and head east, toward the small stronghold on the coast.

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