Revenant Prime is the primed variant of Revenant, a warframe seething with the Sentient energy. Revenant can enthrall enemy subjects to turn on their allies, allowing him to manipulate the tide of the battle to his favor. The primed variant of this terrorizing warframe comes with boosted energy, shields, and sprint speed stats, along with added polarities to enhance your build further. However, if you’re looking to build Revenant Prime for yourself, you will need to obtain and crack certain Relics. In this guide, we’ll tell you which Relics you will need to farm in order to get all Revenant Prime parts in Warframe.

All Revenant Prime Relics in Warframe

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Certain missions in Warframe will grant you Relics as rewards. Players must then use these Relics in Void Fissure missions to receive a particular reward from the loot pool of the Relic used. Each Relic contains six possible rewards, ranging from common, uncommon, and rare. Although the rewards you receive from Relics are subject to RNG, you can improve your chances of getting a rare drop by using Void Traces to increase the quality of your Relic. With that being said, following are all the Relics which contain Revenant Prime parts:

  • Revenant Prime Blueprint Lith R2 (Rare)
  • Revenant Prime Neuroptics Blueprint Lith S14 (Uncommon)
  • Revenant Prime Chassis Blueprint – Meso N13 (Common)
  • Revenant Prime Systems Meso P9 (Uncommon)

How to farm for Revenant Prime Relics in Warframe

Revenant Prime parts drop from certain variants of Lith and Meso Relics. The following is the most efficient way to farm for Revenant Prime Relics in Warframe:

  • Meso N13 & Meso P9 – The Defense mission on Io in Jupiter has a very high chance of dropping Meso Relics. This makes this mission ideal for farming Meso N13 (Revenant Prime Chassis) and Meso P9 (Revenant Prime Systems) Relics.
  • Lith R2 & Lith S14 – The most efficient way to collect Lith Relics is by completing Hepit on the Void is. Owing to it being a Rescue mission, it is possible to complete it very quickly. Therefore, you can make multiple runs of this mission until you obtain the Lith R2 (Revenant Prime Blueprint) and Lith S14 (Revenant Prime Neuroptics) Relics.

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