If you want to unlock items, create buildings, cook food, and establish a running commune, you’re going to need resources. It can, however, be hard to keep track of where to find everything. Here’s how you can get each resource in Cult of the Lamb.

How to get Stone in Cult of the Lamb

Early on in the game, you can mine rock piles around your home base to get enough stone to build the Shrine and Temple. Once the rock piles run out, however, you’ll need to start going on crusades. When you have the option to choose your direction, choose the branch that leads to a room with a rock symbol.

After you’ve acquired enough devotion, you can unlock a Stone Mine for a steam of stone resources.

How to get Wood in Cult of the Lamb

Wood is used for just about everything, especially in the early parts of the game as you’ll need it to create cooking fires. You can begin to collect wood by chopping down trees around your home base. Once those run out, however, you’ll need to branch out.

Go on Crusades and when you have the option to choose your path you should select the option that has a log. This will reward you with a good amount of lumber. Later on you can also unlock follower pilgrimages through missionaries and a variety of offerings that will provide lumber.

If you have enough devotion, you can also unlock a Lumberyard which will provide a steady stream of wood. Just keep in mind that the first version of the lumberyard will break.

How to get Gold in Cult of the Lamb

As opposed to stone and wood, you don’t technically mine gold. Instead, you can get gold from boss chests, using tarot cards (especially Rabbit’s Foot), selling resources, and extorting your followers for more coins.

If you prefer an approach that’s similar to mining, go for the boss fights. Defeating bosses gives you gold as a reward, and each boss can be fought repeatedly.

Finally, you can unlock the Refinery to smelt gold nuggets into gold coins.

How to get Meat in Cult of the Lamb

Aside from follower meat, which can be obtained by sacrificing or killing followers, it is actually possible to obtain normal and non-cannibalistic meat in the game which can be used for cooking. Offering Statues use an RNG approach and will occasionally drop meat. Building a Missionary will also drop meat.

Finally, you can use upgraded scarecrows to trap birds and later use them for meat.

How to get Grass in Cult of the Lamb

Grass is one of the most versatile resources in the game. You can use it to make food, perform rituals, craft buildings, and overall create a commune that is woven together through the threads of grass.

When you are on crusades, almost every room in the dungeons (especially Darkwood) are filled with grass that can be harvested. Attack the grass after defeating all the monsters in a room and you are guaranteed at least one piece of grass and maybe more depending on your luck.

How to get Fertilizer in Cult of the Lamb

If you want crops, you need fertilizer. Early on in your game, you should be able to find fertilizer scattered around your camp so that you can begin to plant food. Once you’ve exhausted your base, set out on crusades.

Like grass, fertilizer will randomly spawn throughout the dungeons. Anura and Darkwood specifically are rife with fertilizer.

Once you can, create an Outhouse and feed your cult. This will cause them to visit the outhouse which will result in fertilizer on a regular basis.

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