Interested in learning some technology-related fun facts? Hop into the Computer History Museum and explore various worlds, complete quests, adopt some adorable robot companions, and even earn some free items! To learn more about how to unlock these items, continue reading our brief guide below.

How to earn all free items in Welcome to TechQuest by Computer History Museum

CHM Compass Necklace

The CHM Compass Necklace can only be earned by those brave enough to dive into the open ocean—virtually of course! Once you’ve spawned into the Computer History Museum’s main hub, look for and approach the Ocean portal pictured below.

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After walking through this portal, your avatar will be teleported to a small beach.

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At the end of this beach should be a dock with a boat parked next to it—jump off of this dock and into the ocean.

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Once in the ocean, swim forward toward the rock formation pictured below. After a bit of time, you should see the Ocean Explorer badge appear on your screen—this indicates that you have earned the CHM Compass Necklace!

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CHM Logo Baseball Cap

In order to earn the CMH Logo Baseball Cap, players must earn at least 10 coins and purchase a robot pet from the hub’s vending machine. To earn coins, you’ll need to complete in-game jobs. The best way to earn coins quickly, in our opinion, is by completing the Traffic Engineers quest. To find this quest, look for the Community portal in the main hub and walk through it.

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Once in the community area, look for the Traffic Engineer NPC and speak to him. Upon doing so, you’ll be asked to help lower the emissions in the area by adjusting the traffic settings. Once you’ve lowered the emissions enough, the quest will end and you will earn two coins. Repeat this quest until you’ve earned at least 10 coins.

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Once you’ve earned enough coins, head back to the Computer History Museum, approach any vending machine, and interact with it.

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From the vending machine menu, select the robot pet that you want to purchase. Upon doing so, you should automatically receive the Pet Collector badge and CHM Baseball Cap item.

CHM Camping Backpack

If you’re hoping to unlock the CMH Camping Backpack, be prepared to grind. In order to earn this UGC item, players must complete all of the Conservation World Tasks with a robot pet equipped. These quests can be found in the list below.

  • Fill boxes at the Candy Factory
  • Lower emissions for the Traffic Engineer
  • Redesign the playground to be more accessible
  • Help the Drone Engineer test her drones
  • Play three rounds of Ping Pong Evolution
  • Practice using the Smart Home Technician’s technolog
  • Complete the Kitchen Automation Quiz with five out of nine answers correct
  • Help the robot flute players with its sheet music
  • Build a new shell for the Logo Turtle
  • Help Logo Turtle find its way out of the maze

Once you’ve completed all 10 of these quests, you will unlock the CMH Camping Backpack!

CMH Lab Coat Pants

The CMH Lab Coat Pants can be earned by those who complete four AR/VR tasks. Luckily, if you’ve earned the CMH Camping Backpack, two of these tasks are ones that you’ve already completed before, so going through them again shouldn’t be too difficult. The four tasks that you’ll need to complete are:

  • Redesign the playground to be more accessible (Community)
  • Build a new shell for the Logo Turtle (Community)
  • Clean the ocean for the Ocean Activist (Ocean)
  • Set up and monitor five cameras for the Research Scientist (Rainforest)


That’s it for our guide on how to earn all of the free items inside of the Computer History Museum experience. At the time of this article’s publication, this experience is extremely glitchy, so if you find yourself getting frustrated, or tired of grinding, feel free to take a break and try again later!

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