With branded experiences like Gucci Town, Beatland, and Spotify Island all pulling in over ten million visits since their Roblox debuts, it’s unsurprising that other companies are following suit, with one of the biggest being the multinational retail chain, Walmart. In Walmart Land, players can look forward to participating in a variety of activities and even collecting some free, Walmart-branded merch. At the time of this article’s publication, only one free item is available to obtain, which can be found detailed in the brief guide below. As more items are added to Walmart Land, we will update this guide accordingly, so be sure to check back here regularly!

How to unlock all free items in Walmart Land

Walmart Land Jacket

In order to obtain the Walmart Land Jacket, we first need to spawn into Walmart Land and look for the futuristic ferris wheel pictured below.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

At the bottom of this ferris wheel should be a glowing white circle. As you approach this circle, a prompt will appear that says Stop. To stop the ferris wheel, hold E when this prompt appears.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

As soon as the ferris wheel stops in front of you, you should receive the badge and item pop up pictured below.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

That’s all there is to it! You can now find the Walmart Land Jacket in your Robloxian’s inventory.


As mentioned in the first graph of this article, if and when more items are added to this experience, we will update this guide with how to obtain them as soon as possible.

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