Final Fantasy XIV has hundreds if not thousands of weapons for each job. Some weapons are random drops; others are tied to a quest chain. One popular weapon type is the Relic Weapons that have been added in with each expansion. Here is how you can get the Anima Weapons that were added in with the Heavensward expansion.

Before starting this quest chain, you will need to be sure you have completed the Main Scenario Quest, Heavensward, as well as reach Level 60 with your Job of choice. If either of these requirements is not met, this quest chain will not appear.

This quest chain will start off with the quest An Unexpected Proposal. You can get this quest from Rowena Dravania, located in Idyllshire (x:5.7, y:5.5). Once you talk to Rowena, she will tell you to go see Ardashir in the Alpha Quadrant in Azys Lla(x:7, y:11), who will officially get you on your way to crafting an Anima Weapon.

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The below table shows each quest in the chain and the reward for completing it. you can pick up all of these quests in the same place. Just go and visit Ardashir in the Alpha Quadrant in Azys Lla(x:7, y:11).

Quest NameReward (Job Specific)
“Soul Without Life”Animated Weapon
“Toughening Up”Awoken Weapon
“Coming Into Its Own”Anima Weapon
“Finding Your Voice”Hyperconductive
Anima Weapon
“A Dream Fulfilled”Reconditioned
Anima Weapon
“Future Proof”Sharpened Anima Weapon
“Born Again Anima”Complete Anima Weapon
“Body And Soul”Anima Minion
“Words of Wisdom”Gil
“Best Friends Forever”Lux Anima Weapon

Now all you have to do is complete the objectives found in your Journal for each of the quests above. Once you complete all the quests, you will have crafted an Anima Weapon of its final form. This same process will have to be repeated for each Job if you want its respective Lux Anima Weapon, but note that subsequent runs will start with the quest, Soul Without Life, instead of, An Unexpected Proposal.

The Anima Weapon quest chain is not an easy one. You must be willing to invest lots of materials and time into crafting these weapons and their different versions. However, if you are dedicated, you’ll be running around Eorzea with some very unique weapons to show off!

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