With the release of Security Breach, the Five Nights at Freddy’s series expands further. This survival horror franchise offers players a chance to take on the sinister animatronics of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in a new locale. Moreover, Security Breach offers a fresh set of Achievements and Trophies to unlock.

We’ve listed each of the Achievements and Trophies for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach below:

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TROPHY TIMEGet all other achievements/trophies in the game.
SHATTERED DREAMSShatter all the animatronics.
UNDER PARGet a low score on golf.
VERY IMPORTANT PERSONVIP – Fina all prize boxes in the game.
SURPRISEGet jump scared.
SUPERSTARSurvive until 6:00 am.
SECURITY BREACHEDGet the highest security access possible.
PARTY TIMEFind a party pass.
DODGE AND WEAVESuccessfully evade a bot in pursuit.
UP UP AND AWAYMaintenance log: Balloon World – Out of Order.
NO ROOM FOR DESSERTEnter the bakery for the first time.
A DOUBLE EDGED SWORDMaintenance log: Princess Quest 2 – Out of Order.
SAY CHEESEStun four bots with a single camera flash.
SUGAR HIGHComplete the Fizzy Faz Challenge.
HECKLERZAP a performer in the theater.
OPA!Break at least 10 dishes.
HAZARD PAYFind the source of Roxy Raceway’s problems.
SPEAK NO EVILShatter Chica.
SEE NO EVILShatter Roxy.
CLAW NO EVILShatter Monty.
I AM NOT MEFreddy is shattered.
FALSE ALARMEscape the Prize Counter office.
WUB WUB WUBEscape the West Arcade.
SLEEPOVEREscape the Daycare.
PIZZA PARTYMake a pizza!
LAZER ACEBeat Fazer Blast.
LOST AND FOUNDFind all collectible messages.
HIDE AND SEEK MASTERNever use a hiding spot.
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