The Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event, as usual for collection events, has a set of four badges you can unlock. The badges this time around a some of the nicest designs we have seen so far, featuring a treasure chest, a pirate ship, a pirate Nessy, and a skull and cross-swords. If you haven’t given time to collect all of the badges in an event before, this may be the time to do it. Here is every challenge you need to complete in order to unlock all four challenge badges for the Raiders Collection Event.

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All Raiders Challenge Badges

These Badges are only earnable from Dec 7 to Dec 21.

Raiders Plunderer

Deal 10,000 damage to enemy players in Winter Express during the Raiders event.

This challenge is the easiest. Play the Winter Express Limited-Time Mode for a day or two, and you’ll have this damage in no time. An easy check off the list.

Raiders Pillager

Deal 25,000 damage to enemy players in Arenas during the Raiders event.

This challenge requires dealing more damage, but is also across both casual Arenas and Ranked Arenas. Plenty of opportunities to get in the action, and deal the damage needed.

Raiders Shark Bait

Knock Down 100 enemy players in Battle Royale during the Raiders event.

This is going to be the most difficult challenge, as players are going to be tempted to spend most of their playtime these weeks on Winter Express. This badge is here to remind players not to sleep on Battle Royale: Keep those Knockdowns coming.

Raiders Master

Earn all other Raiders badges.

This is the first time we have see a line up of challenges across three different game types. The main thing that is going to separate who earns the Raiders Master badge and who doesn’t will really come down to time management.

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