The Apex Legends 3rd Anniversary Collection Event badges are all about celebrating Legend companions. Each badge celebrates a different companion: Ash’s nameless rat, D.O.C. (Lifeline’s health drone), Artur (Bloodhound’s raven), and Nessy (Wattson’s Loch Ness Monster plush) on a cake. The Nessy Cake badge is the reward for unlocking the other three. Let’s take a look.

All 3rd Anniversary Challenge Badges

These Badges are only earnable from Feb. 15 to March 1.

Control Enthusiast

Capture 100 objectives in Control during the Anniversary event.

Battle Royale Damage Dealer

Deal 10,000 damage to enemy players in Battle Royale during the Anniversary event.

Knock Down Champion

Knock down 100 players in Battle Royale during the Anniversary event.

Anniversary Event Master

Earn all other Anniversary badges.

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For this challenge set, there are no Arenas challenges. Just one lengthy Control challenge, and the standard easy and harder Battle Royale challenges. To speed up getting the Control badge, be sure to play the objectives, rather than focusing on kills. If you want time to get all three badges, you should balance your play between Battle Royale and Control only, and leave Arenas for another time.

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