The tank in Fortnite is by far, the heaviest vehicle in the game. And it’s really difficult to imagine such a vehicle flying all over the map. However, thanks to a certain Fortnite week 6 challenge, you will have to now get air time in a tank. Like every other Fortnite challenge, this challenge can also be split up into two parts. The first part will revolve around finding the tank, while the second part will focus on how to get air time.

Where to find a tank in Fortnite

The tanks were brought to the island by the IO forces, and still continue to be a part of the IO arsenal. Although it’d be amazing if there were tanks all over the map, thankfully, they can just be found in a handful number of places. That said, here’s a map with all the possible tank locations in Fortnite.

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For this particular challenge, we’ll try to get our hands on the tank at the Daily Bugle.

How to get air time in a tank

Once you’ve managed to pick up the tank from the Daily Bugle, you will notice that the area still has a lot of Spider-Man’s bouncy webbings. Now, if you ever stepped on these webbings, you would know that they launch you high up in the air. The same goes for the tanks. Just drive a tank onto these webbings and you should be launched up in the air. You need to gain a total of three seconds of air time in order to get a mark on the challenge. And you need to do this thrice in order to complete this challenge.

Alternatively, you could also throw down a few Chonkers Off-road tires and then drive on top of them a couple of times. The best way to do this method would be to line up the Chonkers off-road tires at the edge of a cliff and then drive over them. That way, you would get a bit more than three seconds of air time, provided the cliff is high enough. Good luck, looper!

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