Your teammates are essential in Scarlet Nexus. Without them, you would not be able to harness their special power and strike at your foes in amazing ways in combat. Each power is unique and works wondrously against certain foes. You can develop these powers by bonding with your teammates, and giving them gifts is the best way to increase this.

To get the Abandoned Subway Environment A is straightforward. All you need to is explore the Abandoned Subway: Suoh 9 Line areas and collect the Environmental Data Points. These are the cream/yellow icons that appear on the mini-map, and they look like glowing white rotating crystals in-game.

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Each Data Point, when picked up, will give you a random item from the Abandoned Subway 9 Line item pool. Therefore, the more you collect, the higher your chances of getting the item you seek.

Due to Abandoned Subway Environment A being a Epic drop, which is the color purple. This means that you’ll find this item slow then rarities below it, such as blue and grey because it’s the second-highest rarity. There are four different tiers of items, and some of the materials are represented by letters at the end of their name.

  • C—Common
  • B—Rare
  • A—Epic
  • S—Legendary

The Abandoned Subway Environment A and Sabbat-type Suppression can be exchanged in the shop for a Rare Antique Lamp, which is one of the best items to give to Hanabi.

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