If you are trying to find Twilight Snapper to summon the Putrid Rat Boss in V Rising, you will need to make a Fishing Pole. But to make a Fishing Pole, you will first need to beat Rufus the Foreman. Upon Killing Rufus, you will unlock crafting the Fishing Pole inside a Woodworking Bench. You can make the Woodworking Bench with 12 Planks and 60 Animal Hide. Once the Working Bench is built, you can make a Fishing Pole inside of it with the following resources in V Rising:

  • 8 Planks
  • 4 Copper Ingots
  • 4 Coarse Thread

Where to find Twilight Snapper in V Rising

After making a Fishing Pole, you can find Twilight Snapper in V Rising by Fishing at Fishing Spots. Fishing Spots will pop up over water sources such as lakes, ponds, and rivers. These Fishing Spots will look like the images below during the day and night. 

That said, you can farm the Twilight Snapper from these water spots by looking for them near sources of water on the map. You can find water sources by looking for blue blobs on the map as shown below.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

How Fishing works in V Rising – How to Fish

Fishing is not hard in V Rising. All you have to do to Fish is first to have your Fishing Pole equipped on one of your hotkeys. With your fishing pole equipped, you will be able to fish by walking over to a Fishing Spot and pressing the Left Mouse Button. Doing so will cause your character to cast the line. Next, you will have to wait until you see a big water splash. Upon witnessing a water splash, you will need to click the left mouse button again. Clicking the Left Mouse Button will catch the Fish, or random item from the watering spot.

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