Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires allows players to become Sworn Siblings with other Officers. As Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei popularized, a Sworn Sibling is someone you will fight and die with.

You can wait until they approach you with an offer or ask them directly. Go on a Stroll, and then open your Map and choose Talk. Officers in your area will be listed, so make sure they are nearby. Select your best friend and select Oath of Brotherhood. The game will warn you that this cannot be undone. Choose Yes.

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To have the option of becoming a Sworn Sibling, you must have 100 Relationship with another character. Your Relationship Rank will be raised to S, allowing you to ask them to become a Sworn Sibling during a Stroll. You can have up to three Sworn Siblings, but this cannot be reversed.

Having a Sworn Sibling comes with plenty of benefits. Regardless of what you do, they will always be locked in the S-Rank relationship and will always want to fight in battles with you. They will never leave the kingdom you’re with, and they will follow you if you leave it.

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