The Speedboat has been added to the game as part of the August 5th update. The update also includes the Ultracars Gamepass (which has its own new vehicles). For many players, the Speedboat is the show stopper in this update, leading many to wonder how to acquire it. Read how below.

What is the Speedboat?

The Speedboat is one of the latest editions to the vehicle category in Adopt Me. It was added to the game on August 5, 2021. The boat allows for two passengers, which means your passenger seat can be occupied by either your pet or another player. The exterior comes in a blue color as the default.

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How to Get the Speedboat

Launch the game and leave your home. Head towards the center of town, looking for the hot air balloon. It should be easy to see as it protrudes higher than its surroundings. Once you find the hot air balloon, you should look for the Speedboat next to it. Walk up and interact with the vehicle. From there, you can purchase the boat for $2,500 bucks.

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