Based on the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Crusaders’ Heaven offers players a chance to fight bosses, train their characters, collect unique stands and items, and ultimately work towards becoming as strong as possible. Similar to many of the other anime RPGs on Roblox, Crusaders’ Heaven relies heavily on the use of Stands, as mentioned above. In this guide, we’ll quickly take you through the three main ways to obtain a Shiny Stand in this experience as listed in the experience’s official Trello.

1. Using a Stand arrow

Stand arrows can be found randomly around the Crusaders’ Heaven map with a spawn rate of every 90 seconds. When pierced with one of these arrows, your character’s fighting spirit will be awakened, giving them an individualized Stand. From these Stands, there’s a 1% chance that yours will be Shiny.

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2. Obtaining a Shiny Mushroom

This item requires you to have a stand already equipped and can be obtained by completing the NPC quest from either Zai or Alain. To complete Zai’s quest, you will need to defeat the boss DIO—in exchange, you have the chance to receive a Weird arrow, a Shiny Mushroom, Star Platinum Stand, or Star Platinum: The World Stand.

To complete Alain’s quest, you will need to defeat the boss Doppio/Diavolo and give him the Frog item—in exchange, you have the chance to receive 6 Stand arrows, a Requiem arrow, a Shiny Mushroom, or King Crimson Stand.

Using the Shiny Mushroom item offers a 25% chance of spawning a new, Shiny version of your equipped Stand.

3. Using a Weird arrow

Similar to a standard Stand arrow, Weird arrows grant your character a new stand when pierced with it. Unlike Stand arrows, a Weird arrow has a 50% chance of spawning a Shiny Stand. Players can obtain weird arrows by completing Zai’s quest mentioned above.

4. Giveaways

The fourth and final way to receive a Shiny Stand in Crusaders’ Heaven is by joining the experience’s Discord server and participating in one of their many giveaways. These giveaways appear to happen quite often in celebration of new members or large milestones, so it may not be a bad option to look out for!

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