Just in time for the holidays, players can earn their own shiny holiday Glaceon. However, this won’t work in the usual way of simply running through the neighborhood and grabbing up any Glaceon in the area, as they don’t spawn out in the world like that. Instead, players will need to work a little harder for them.

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How to Collect a Shiny Holiday Glaceon

Image via Niantic

The Holiday Shiny Glaceon is one of the many attractors for players looking into the Winter Holiday 2021 event in Pokémon Go! This version of Glaceon will only appear in three-star raids. So players will need to head out to their nearest Pokémon Gym to look for an active raid. Alternatively, if the player has a friend who has already found an active raid with this Glaceon, they can be invited and use a remote raid pass to join in the fun.

While players will definitely find a Holiday Glaceon this way, it may not be shiny on the first try. So don’t expect to find one in the first encounter. However, this is currently the only method known to collect this specific shiny version.

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