On Raz’s journey to unite the three aspects of Ford, he’s being presented with several challenges before he can confront each aspect. To meet with Bowling Ford in Astral Lanes, he needs a Senior League Membership. Securing this item is a tricky task in its own right.

Psychonaut Compton Boole has the Senior League Membership card and agrees to part with it should Raz help piece his mind back together. To work through the Compton Boole questline, follow the steps below:

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  1. Head to the Psychoisolation chamber, it’s located in the Quarry, so Raz can exit the Motherlobe and start exploring the outside area.
  2. After heading inside the Psychoisolation chamber, talk to the receptionist, who lets Raz in to see Boole.
  3. Talk to Boole and ask him for his Senior League Membership card, after initially reject in the offer, he agrees to part with it in exchange for a single bee.
  4. Leave the Psychoisolation chamber after this conversation, once outside, Raz’s sister appears once he exits and leads him toward the family camping grounds. Follow her to the Questionable Area, the Aquatos’ lodging place.
  5. Raz has to make his way through the Questionable Area. Head past the Aquato camp and look for a Warning sign on the far edge of the map. An ominous forest sits behind this fence, that’s Raz’s destination.
  6. Make a straight shot through the forgetful forest until Raz encounters a beehive. Once the following cutscene ends, Raz is free to head back to Boole with the bees he’s collected.
  7. Bringing too many bees forces Boole to have a breakdown. Head into his mind to repair him from the inside.
  8. Complete the upcoming food preparation mini game.
  9. Confront the Judges in a boss battle to dispose of the (not so) picky eaters to finally free Compton Boole’s mind.
  10. Exit Boole’s brain and collect the membership card from him.

Now Raz is free to meet with Bowling Ford.

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