The Bus Driver is a precious ally in Fortnite. They do take you and countless others to an island where you can all fight to the death. Of course, you can be kind and praise the Bus Driver by thanking them before diving off the bus, but now you can do something more.

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Certain NPC’s allow you to tip the Bus Driver by using your Gold Bars, and a few of them have different tip amounts. One NPC, in particular, is Dreamflower over at the Flopper Pond landmark, northwest of Holly Hedges and southwest of Boney Burbs.

Upon getting through her dialogue, you have the option to Tip the Bus Driver a Large Tip of 4000 Gold Bars. If you do this, a message appears in the kill feed saying,Playername very generously tipped the bus driver!” and at the same time, a little jingle plays of the Bus Driver flying over the island and honking in thanks.

Image via Wattermelon_boi

It’s not overly interesting or special, but you will earn 24k in Experience due to completing two of the Spend Bars Milestones! In total, you need to spend 100000 Gold Bars to complete the Milestone fully, so tipping the Bus Driver is a very viable and quick method to accomplish this.

Other NPC’s allow you to tip but not in such massive amounts. New NPC’s Guggimon over at Lockies Lighthouse and Sunny at Believer Beach have this tip option available. Guggimon is immediately hostile, so killing him first is needed to converse with him if you prefer to tip smaller amounts. You still get a message, but it’s only “Playername tipped the bus driver.”

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