You may have seen some players in Adopt Me riding around on their scooters. And now you might want to get one for yourself, but you can’t find a place to buy them in the game! Read below to figure out why they can’t be bought from any of the stores in the game and how you can get one through trading.

About the Scooter

Scooters are a vehicle type that was added to Adopt Me in 2018. For a couple of years, many different scooter designs were released in the game, such as the neon color series. Scooters can be used to travel more quickly throughout the world, but they also make a nice cosmetic addition to your look. They were originally released as part of the Gifts series, which meant you would buy a gift and get a random surprise. Scooters are no longer available for direct purchase in the game. They still exist and can be bought through trades.

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How to Get the Scooter

You can get scooters by trading with other players in the game. While you can simply post online or look in real life for someone willing to trade, you may also want to use a site like Traderie. This site posts trade listings for many different Adopt Me items, including scooters. Check out our article here about Traderie and trading in Adopt Me in general.

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