To get a pet in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to complete challenges in the game or purchase the digital deluxe version of the game. 

For challenges, completing the ultimate saga challenge will reward you with a pig pet that will follow you around in the game world. You can also complete the wolf saga part 3 saga challenge to get a wolf pet that looks like Fenrir. 

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However, to complete this challenge, you will need to defeat the saga boss Fenrir a total of ten times. To do this is not easy, to put it lightly, but players can do so by following the steps laid out below. 

  • Build all three work sites by gathering enough resources: 12 wooden boards, nine cut stones, six wrought iron, and 600 souls each.
  • Farm events, quests, jotuns, and clear hideouts until they have: 25 quest, 50 event, 15 Jotunn, and five hideout fragments 
  • Gather enough resources to rebuild the bridge: 50 cut stone, 30 wrought iron, ten ancient cores, 2500k souls.

When players complete the steps listed above, they should get enough resources to be able to unlock the lair that leads to Fenrir. 

After this, it’s only a matter of beating the boss ten times, which we recommend doing so in a group to make it go faster. Follow these steps a total of ten times, and you will get a wolf pet in Tribes of Midgard

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