If you want to get a Paolumu egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you will need to progress to the point where you unlock the area in the called Alcala. In this region, you will be able to find and defeat many monsters, and one of them is a Paolumu, you can also find Paolumus roaming the area and inside monster dens. 

That said, if you want to get a Paolumu egg, we recommend first fighting one outside of a den and then causing it to retreat from the battle. You can do this by hitting it with a paintball and then hitting it with all you got. Breaking parts, and for the Paolumu in particular, hitting it with a flash bomb will also help to make the monster retreat. 

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If you don’t have any flash bombs on hand, you can make them with flash bugs, which you can gather from bug gathering points. You can also get paintballs from paintberry gathering points, which can be found commonly in the first areas of the game. 

Once you got the right tools, we recommend farming both monster dens and the general area until you find and get a Paolumu egg. You will also eventually get an egg by just following and completing the main quests in the game.

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