If you’ve been looking for a new and interesting pet in Adopt Me, the time has come! The Halloween Event has many great new pets, including the Mummy Cat.

Three Different Cats

With the Halloween update for Adopt Me released on Oct. 28, 2021, several new pets were added. One of those is the Mummy Cat, which comes in three adorable versions. Your most common is the Black Cat, with the White Cat being the next most common. The rarest of the cats is the elusive Blue Mummy Cat, which only has a drop rate of 5%.

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Mystery Box

Image via Roblox

During the Halloween event, there is a temporary currency in the game called Candy. To get Candy, you will need to play Halloween events like the Horseman Chase, wait for the Candy Ready timer, or use Robux to get Candy even quicker. Once you have enough Candy, go to the Crypt.

You can find it in the Halloween event area or simply hit the Halloween button on the left side of the screen. Once there, swim through the pond and into the larger part of the cave. Enter the Shop room in the Crypt cave and find the Mummy Cat stand. Make your purchase, and you’ll receive your random chance box.

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