There is no end of things to do in Tower of Fantasy. You are free to explore the world, collect items and resources, battle monsters, and so much more. With that said, there are some things you should do and items you should collect. One of these is the Magnetic Rod. This may leave you wondering how to get the Magnetic Rod in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find a Magnetic Rod in Tower of Fantasy

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You can find the Magnetic Rod in Tower of Fantasy in the northern region of Astra. Look for the location called Rusty Belt. You will see a large tower with a broken metal ball at the top—you must reach the inside of this ball. You can either climb up the stairs on the outside or jetpack from a higher mountain point.

Once inside the ball, you can either platform your way to the top platform jutting out of the ball or jetpack up there. Here you will spot a gold supply pod. Reach this point and open it to receive the Magnetic Rod in Tower of Fantasy.

What to do with the Magnetic Rod in Tower of Fantasy

The Magnetic Rod is worthless on its own. You must find another item, the Maglev Stalker, and combine the two items. This will reward you with the Chaser mount, expanding your collection of vehicles.

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