In classic MMORPG style, Tower of Fantasy encourages players to traverse huge distances to collect a variety of resources and components. Many components are not guaranteed drops, so players will find themselves frequently returning to certain POIs to farm items. Fortunately, players get to unlock vehicles and mounts that will help them cover long distances in style. However, to unlock mounts, you must first gather the required components for it. One of these components is the Maglev Stalker, which is used to unlock the Chaser mount. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find a Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy.

How to find a Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy

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The Maglev Stalker is a component required to unlock the Chaser mount. When a player encounters and defeats a Vermin Brother, they will get a chance to obtain a Maglev Stalker. However, due to it being a low-probability drop item, players might have to defeat a Vermin Brother multiple times in order to get one. Apart from the Maglev Stalker, players will also need to find a Magnetic Rod to unlock the Chaser mount.

Where to find The Vermin Brothers in Tower of Fantasy

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As mentioned above, players will stand a chance to obtain a Maglev Stalker by defeating a Vermin Brother in battle. The most ideal location to find a Vermin Brother early on is in Rat’s Den: Squeaky, which is located south-west of the Mega Arena in Astra. Once you reach the location, you will find the Vermin Brother up on the podium in front of the Recycle bin. Alternatively, you will also find three more Vermin Brothers in the Banges area. One of the Vermin Brothers can be found in Anchorville, one in Signal Station Ruins, and another toward the east of Loen Dock.

Defeating the Vermin Brothers is a fairly easy task. However, keep in mind that the Maglev Stalker is a rare item, and you might need to defeat the Vermin Brothers several times before you can obtain one. Fortunately, after being defeated, the Vermin Brothers will respawn again after a certain period of time.

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