A Love Poem to Skadi is an event that runs from Jan. 1, 2022 to Jan. 25, 2022. Apart from boasting a limited banner with four SSRs, it also introduces four new limited Invitations that are only obtainable within the event period. There are two ways to obtain these coveted home screen wallpapers of your favorite male leads chilling in the hot springs—calling for you to join them.

Aurora Invitation Packs

The easiest way to get the Event Invitations hassle-free is to purchase them with real-life money from the Shop. Head to the Packs section, select Event, and search for the Aurora Invitation Pack I, II, III, or IV.

There’s only one Event Invitation for each male lead, so if you only like one of them, purchasing Pack I will be enough. However, if you like two or more male leads, you need to purchase Packs II, III, or IV depending on the number of Invitations you want to have.

Purchasing Aurora Invitation Packs is the only way to get more than one Event Invitation. If you’re a free-to-player, clearing the entire event will only merit you a maximum of one Invitation.

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Faerie’s Wish

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You can find the Faerie’s Wish in the bottom right of the event screen. You’ll be redirected to a wishing pool that you can draw from using Lucky Fruit Tarts. Each wishing pool contains various rewards plus a special item with a low drop rate—it’s essentially a gacha.

Once you obtain the special item in a wishing pool, you’ll unlock the next wishing pool, which contains a different set of rewards. The fifth wishing pool contains one Aurora Invitation, which you can use to exchange for an Event Invitation featuring any one of the male leads.

You can unlock the next wishing pool as early as your first draw. However, if luck isn’t on your side, you need to go through a maximum of 100 pulls before proceeding to the next. Each pull costs 100 Lucky Fruit Tarts, so if you’re incredibly unlucky, you need a total of 50,000 to get the Aurora Invitation.

Apart from the steamy Event Invitations, a limited banner also runs alongside A Love Poem to Skadi. Check out our guide on How do limited banners work in Tears of Themis to help you make very important gacha decisions.

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