Evade is a team-based survival game on Roblox that revolves around dodging the monster and solving small tasks popularized by the Deceit franchise. To help in this process, the developers provide you with various utility items. One such utility element is the gun in Evade. Unlike most survival items that are available to purchase via cash from the game store, you can only get a weapon gun like an AK-47 or Pistol in Evade by playing the Randomizer or Imposter Game modes. 

The main problem is that these game modes are not like other game modes like Social Space or Team Deathmatch that can be selected from the main menu. Instead, they appear as a random special round/task inside the regular base mode.

  • Randomizer: In this game mode, every player will receive light and a random utility item. Now, this utility can be a gun or any other survival item. In case you get a gun, you cannot use it to kill other players and be used only to defend yourself from the possessed.
  • Imposter: As the name suggests, one of the players gets to play as an imposter within your group. He will be given a gun to shoot and kill others along with possessed or next-bots. Remember, you can only fire and down other players but cannot fully finish them.

To summarize everything, it boils to luck/RNG to get a gun inside Evade until the developers introduce it as a purchasable utility item from the game store.

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