To get a gold chain, you must fully clear all three levels of a hideout in Tribes of Midgard and loot the golden chest at the end of the level.

Inside the large hideout chest will contain the golden chain you seak along with various other resources required for other objectives in the game.

In the case of the golden chain, you will need it to complete a quest that can sometimes generate in the game, so if you ever come across the chain early on it’s best to keep it and save it for later. But, where do you exactly find hideouts, and how can you clear them?

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Well, to start off, hideouts can spawn in the Smokey Highlands region of the game and will look like a slightly different version of the underpass icon on your mini-map.

Inside these locations will be hordes of monsters commonly found in the Smokey Highlands biome, including the tougher versions of the evil elves and goblins.

We recommend making ice weapons to beat these enemies as both enemy types will be weak towards this damage type. You will also need to make your way down to the third level of the hideout through a series of dungeon exits.

You can rush to these dungeon exits, but you will need to clear all enemies to open a chest on the third level. Without doing so, the orange chest will remain locked, and once it is unlocked, it can be looted to obtain the golden chain in Tribes of Midgard.

When you get the gold chain, it can then be used to complete one of the various quest you can get from quest givers in the game.

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