If you want one of the new items called a goat horn in Minecraft, you will first need to find some goats. You can find these goats around the tallest parts of mountains and the hills surrounding them.

That said, to get the goat horn, you will need to get the goat to ram into some blocks, as killing them will not drop the horn. However, the problem with this is that goats seem to choose randomly when they try to ram the player. 

Because of this, you will need to find a group of goats. The reason why is that we found that goats are more likely to charge at you when they are in a group. 

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That said, once you find a group of goats, we recommend placing a sapling down and then growing it to full height and then waiting on one side of it near the goats.You will need to wait until the goats are about to charge at you, and when this happens, quickly move out of the way.

 If done fast enough and correctly, the goat should hit the tree instead of you. Doing so will and may take multiple tries, but eventually, you will get a goat horn from the goat. When you get the horn, you will be able to use to create a sound similar to that of the raid horn heard during village raids.

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