Horizon Forbidden West introduces plenty of new mechanics for players to experience in this long-awaited sequel. One of the most notable additions in Aloy’s sophomore outing is an expanded array of mounts at her disposal. Players can even earn flying mounts this time around. Here’s how you can get a flying mount in Horizon Forbidden West.

Players will automatically unlock their first flying mount, the Sunwing, as part of the story mission The Wings of the Ten. Once players complete this mission, the mount they used will be available to them at any time. The Sunwing can traverse the entirety of the Horizon map with ease, soaring through the sky far away from the hazards on the ground.

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To call the Sunwing to your side, select it from the D-Pad menu in the bottom-left portion of your menu. Once selected, tap down on the D-Pad to summon your metallic beast. The Sunwing will rush to your side, just as other mounts do.

You can check out the Sunwing in action below:

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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