To get a platinum record in Bitlife, you will need to release a record that sells a total of 2 million copies. 

Getting a platinum record can be accomplished by having great music stats and practicing both singing and a musical instrument from a very young age.

Players are able to take both vocal and music lessons starting at the age of six, so we highly recommend doing both as soon as possible. It also doesn’t matter what kind of instrument you practice; choose the one you prefer over the other available ones.

Keep practicing both until you graduate from high school and choose a career as a solo artist by going to special career options. Under special career, you should see one called a solo artist, click and apply to it. 

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After this, you will want to find a record label and pick a grene of music you want to release albums and singles for. As a side note, if you are trying to complete this week’s challenge, you will need to pick rap music.

That said, you can release albums and singles after you choose a record label that wants a certain type of music. When you pick a record label, go into your job and find an option for releasing a single, and keep releasing them until you get one that sells for 2 million. 

How well a single sells depends on your stats and a lot of luck, but if you keep doing it, sooner or later, you should get one that sells for a lot. Increasing your fame can also help with selling records, so we recommend signing up for social media in the game and taking a look at how to get famous in bitlife. 

For stats, make sure to keep practicing and to keep all of your music stats high, if you are a highly skilled singer and musician you shouldn’t have a problem getting a single that sells at least 2 million copies.

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