To get a car in Glitchpunk, you can either steal, buy, or find one out in the world. 

NPCs will be driving cars constantly, and you will be able to steal all cars, including cop cars. To steal a car, just walk up to it when it slows down on the road and hit F. 

Doing so will cause your character to throw whoever is in the car out of it and enter it yourself.  Once you get a stolen car, you can store it inside your garage by driving it back to your hideout area and parking it inside the garage below.

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You can also do the same process with any parked car, just enter the car and store it back in a garage to save it for later. 

But, stealing cars is not the only way players like yourself can get themselves a set of wheels. There is also the option to buy cars via car dealers on the map. To find a card dealer look for the car keys icon as shown above.

At this location, you will be able to walk up to parked cars and purchase them for a set price in the game. Once purchased, you will be able to use this car like any other car to get to your destination faster than on foot. 

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