To get a backpack in Fallout 76, you will first need to join the pioneer scouts. You can join the pioneer scouts by finding a scout poster at one of the various vendor train stations in the game. When you find the poster, you will then need to read it to start a quest chain that will lead you to become a pioneer scout. 

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Afterward, you will then need to find a Mr. Handy called scout leader jaggy and start the Order of the Tadpole side quest. 

You can find Scout leader jaggy at the Pioneer Scout camp in Toxic Valley along with other Mr handys you will need to talk to during questline.

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When you speak to scout leader jaggy, you will be tasked with completing a series of tasks to earn a badge. The first of these tasks will be to demonstrate kindness, which you can do by reviving a fallen player with a stimpack – we recommend having an ally or teammate get knocked down so you can revive them vice versa to complete this part. 

Next, you will need to pick up five toxic wastes and put them into a waste barrel to show helpfulness. This part is not hard, just go to the indicated locations on the mini-map, pick up the waste, and then put it in the waste barrel to complete it. 

After the helpfulness objective, you will then need to show bravery by gathering the following materials from monsters in the game.

  • Bloatfly Gland 
  • Tick Blood Sac
  • Rad Roach Meat
  • Stingwing Barb
  • Bloodbug Proboscis

Once you gather these materials, you will need to earn three tadpole badges. Tadpole badges are mini-challenges that can be found under the world section in challenges, and you will need to complete a total of three of them to complete the last part of the tadpole quest.

That said, after you complete a total of three tadpole badges, you will need to turn the quest in, and when you do, you will earn a small backpack as a reward. 

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