One of the best ways to level up your 5 Star Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters EX is to obtain 5 Star Power-Up tickets. These tickets can be exchanged for Custom Star Power-Ups, which allow 5 Star Sync Pairs to increase their potential and unlock awesome outfits for Sync Pairs. These outfits can unlock 6 Star EX like Giovanni & Mewtwo and Rosa & Serperior.

But where do you get these 5 Star Power-Up tickets? While it is possible to earn these tickets via events, the best way to obtain them is by competing in The Champion Stadium.

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You can reach The Champion Stadium by selecting the Explore option at the bottom of the game’s home screen. The Champion Stadium is a weekly challenge that lets players battle a region’s Elite Four and Champion for a total of five battles.

The completion rewards for each of these battles include items for leveling up 6 Star EX Sync Pairs, as well as the necessary 5 Star Power-Up tickets needed to increase the potential of 5 Star Sync Pairs. Once obtained, you can use them on any 5 Star Sync Pair!

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