Anime Warriors is a brand new anime-based gacha title on the Roblox platform. Like most gacha games on the market, you will need higher star characters in Anime Warriors to excel in PVP combat fights as you progress in the game. Most of the powerful characters in the game are 5 or 6-star units and require Crystal summoning to obtain them. 

How to perform Crystal summoning in Anime Warriors?

To Crystal summon, follow the given instructions.

  • Click on the Summon button in the main menu, and the Anime Mashup banner will present in front of you.
  • Pay a token of 50 Crystals and roll for a character.
  • You can also perform multiple summoning if you have enough crystals in your inventory.

How to increase your luck to roll 5 or 6-star units in Anime Warriors?

Since Crystal summoning also rewards 2, 3, and 4-star characters. You can use the following tips & tricks deployed by most Anime Warriors players to get 5 or 6-star units.

  • Never perform a single summoning. Save up your crystals and perform summoning in batches of 10. The best way to farm crystals is by playing the Abyss game mode.
  • Do not continuously spin the Crystal banner. Swap for the Yen banner once in a while and continue rolling on the Crystal banner. 
  • Perform summoning at non-peak hours. The game usually has a traffic of 10 -15k, so spin when the game has traffic around 5k.

Remember, these are some tips and tricks to increase your luck to get high-rarity characters. In the end, it all boils down to permutation and combination to obtain a 5 or 6-star banner.

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