To gain respect in DogLife, players will need to assert their dominance over the other animals in their current location’s hierarchy. 

Asserting dominance can be done by winning fights or attacking other animals. 

Mating with other dogs and having lots of offspring can also help to both assert dominance and gain respect from other animals.

To start, we recommend starting with attacking a weaker dog and winning the fight, But be careful not to kill them. 

Although, killing other animals is by far the best way to gain a ton of respect, but it can come at a significant cost depending on your location.

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For example, if you are in a household, pet store, or shelter, it can lead to adverse outcomes. 

The negative outcomes included getting kicked out, sent to a shelter, or even worse—euthanized. Because of this, we only recommend the killing option if you are a street animal.

For other backgrounds, it’s better only to fight without performing the most damage. You can do this successfully by avoiding attacks such as maul and chomp. Along with going light during fights, mating with other animals would also be the best route. 

Combine both methods, and you are sure to earn a ton of respect and raise your ranking on the dominance hierarchy in DogLife.

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