Humankind offers the player multiple ways to track their progress and gain a sense of accomplishment. One of these ways is Era Stars which the player can earn in each era in the game.

Era Stars are essentially achievements, objectives the player can strive towards completing as they play. Each Era Star has three levels the player can obtain and they must obtain at least seven before they can proceed to the next era. You do not have to move to the next era immediately upon unlocking it. The Era Stars are:

  • Aesthete: Keeps track of your Influence.
  • Agrarian: Keeps track of your Population.
  • Builder: Keeps track of your Districts.
  • Expansionist: Keeps track of your Territories.
  • Merchant: Keeps track of your Money.
  • Militarist: Keeps track of your Battlefield Victories.
  • Scientist: Keeps track of your Technologies.

The Neolithic Era, in which you start the game as nomadic tribes, has its own Era Star Categories. They are:

  • Growth: Grow your population.
  • Hunter: Hunt wild animals.
  • Knowledge: Discovery curiosities.

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There is another Era Star that works a little differently than the above categories and this is Competitive Spirit. This will unlock for all players once one other player enters the next era. It will slowly fill on its own for players still in the current era to prevent you from falling too far behind. This will grant an Era Star every few turns.

Era Stars are the main source of achieving Fame, the victory condition of the game. While the player can tackle any of the Era Stars, completing ones that match your culture’s affinity will yield double the amount of Fame.

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