Fusing pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X is a mechanic many starting players might not know is available in the game. That’s because fusion isn’t accessible until the third area—the Beach. Unlocking the Beach costs 75,000 coins, but technically even more coins since you must first clear out the Forest.

After reaching the Beach, the fusion section is located on the right side of the area. It is sectioned off on a wooden bridge and it looks like a miniature laboratory. Next to the lab is a sign that says Fuse Pets! so if you’ve found this sign, you’ve reached the right section.

Fusion requires at minimum three pets, but the player can fuse up to 12 pets at once if they so desire. One full fusion, however, costs 2,500 gems which is quite the hefty price, particularly for starting players. The price doesn’t go up or down depending on how many pets the players chooses to fuse at once—it remains at 2,500 gems per fusion.

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We don’t suggest making a ton of fusions when first starting out, especially if you are saving for the Dominus Egg, which costs 100,000 gems just to unlock the Forsaken Gate in back of the Shop. Fusions appear most beneficial to players that have progressed much farther than the Beach and who have earned, essentially, disposable gems.

With that said, it still doesn’t hurt to fuse from time to time.

Despite the asking price, fusing pets can still come in handy. Although the player might not get the pet they were hoping for every time, fusing pets often results in earning one much stronger pet than those currently in the player’s party. If the player has earned a bunch of low level pets that they are no longer using, then it would be worthwhile to fuse them for one stronger pet.

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