Due to Cyberpunk 2077 being so heavily gang-related, as you play through the game, your always going to end up pissing someone off. No matter choice you make, someone will want you dead. The choice is completely up to you who you choose to annoy and who you choose to befriend.

How to Free Brick

It’s possible to free Brick in the mission called The Pickup in Cyberpunk 2077. He is located in a room attached to a bomb, which is wired to the door. You can free him by finding the detonator close by and disarming it. This will deactivate the bomb allowing you to hack the door and free Brick.

After the deal goes down during The Pickup mission, the Militech will appear, which causes utter mayhem to ensue. If you are killing in your playthrough, shoot everyone, and eventually, you’ll come to a room with two glass rooms in front of you with some stairs in between. Shoot the troops in your way, and at the top of the stairs, you’ll find the room with Brick in it.

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Of course, it’s not so simple to break down the door, or even hack it, to rescue him. Take a look through the glass door, and you’ll see Brick sitting on a stool attached to a bomb, which is wired to the door. The bomb will detonate by opening the door, even opening slightly, or starting to hack it.

Go into the door to the right of Brick’s room, and to the left, as you enter, is a container with the detonator switch lying on top. Two options will appear when interacting with the detonator:

  • You can activate it and have Brick become a fine red wet paste.
  • You can deactivate it and then hack the door and save Brick.

Make your choice. If you activated it, move on with the game. If you disarmed it, go back to Brick’s room, hack, and the door, then speak to Brick. He’ll admit he owes you a favor, which of course, will come to pass later on in the game!

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If you’re unsure about the correct steps, follow this YouTube guide!

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