This year, for Winterfest ’21, we are given several quests by Sgt. Winter that we must complete to get exclusive rewards. One of these quests is to fly 200 feet with a chicken, which is far from a new quest for us to complete. However, with the new map, finding chickens can be a hassle for any player, new or old.

The best place to find a chicken is the northeastern section of the map. Chickens roam around, so there is no set spawn point, but you can almost always find one walking around the fields between The Daily Bugle and Shifty Shafts. The grassy area between these two POIs is an especially good place to look since the chickens won’t blend in when the snow.

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When you find a chicken, figuring out how to fly with one is easy. Simply approach the chicken while crouching (so it doesn’t run off) and as soon as you see the prompt to grab the chicken, press the primary interaction button. You will grab the chicken and run around while holding it above your head.

The flight does not need to be a consecutive 200 feet. You can repeatedly jump while holding the chicken to take a long jump forward, which counts as flying. However, the fastest way to complete this quest is to bring the chicken up to higher ground and jump off, then slowly float down to lower elevation.

Once you have flown for 200 feet total, you have completed the quest!

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