Grand Theft Auto V is no stranger to aviation and has several aircraft that can be purchased and operated in the game’s Online counterpart. However, unlike cars, boats, and motorcycles, flying a plane requires some additional training. Understanding the basics, including taking off and landing, can, of course, stop you from fleeting into a quick death out on the runway.

How to Fly a Plane

Image via Rockstar Games

Taking Off

Once you have boarded a plane in GTA V Online, you will need to hold W to begin moving forward. Be mindful of your surroundings, as any nearby obstacle can halt you from reaching a high enough speed to take off.

To take off, you will need to hold Num5. This will allow for the plane to make a steady ascension. Afterward, press G to retract the wheels. You will then be able to control the plane while it is airborne.


After you have made a steady climb up into the skies, you will be able to maneuver the plane by using the W, A, S, and D keys.

  • W – Lean forward
  • A – Steer left
  • D – Steer right
  • S – Pull back

To tilt the plane, you can press Num4, which will cause you to lean to the left. Press Num6 to lean to the right. To lean the nose of the plane up, press Num5. You can also press Num8 to tilt the nose down.


When it comes to landing the plane, you will need to scout out a long stretch of road. If you cannot find a runway, then aim to use a field or any available flat ground. Once spotted, level out the plane by using the W, A, S, and D keys. When close to the landing strip, press G to activate your landing gear. Once you have hit the ground, press S to start slowing down. Keep reducing your speed until you have reached a complete stop.

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