Don’t worry if you’ve wanted to fly a helicopter in Battlefield 2042 but found it too hard to get started with. Learning to fly in the game is as simple as practicing and better understanding the mechanics.

Best Helictoper Flying Tips

Many players feel very intimidated by flying a helicopter, as they’ve likely had many experiences with either crashing or being shot down. It’s normal not to master flying right away, as it takes practice and strategy to be good a flying a helicopter in Battlefield 2042.

The Basics

Don’t worry too much about the more detailed controls when you first enter the helicopter. You may think this will make you perform poorly, but worrying about too many controls at once will overwhelm you and make you more likely to crash.

Focus on your basic pitch maneuvers. Pitching is when you turn the helicopter for different movements. Pointing the helicopter down will move you forward and downward. Pulling the helicopter up will slightly slow your movement and move you slightly backward. Focus on these to gain control and confidence in your flying abilities.

Once you get a feel for this, you can practice general yawing. Yawing is turning the helicopter to the side. You’ll use left and right accordingly, whether you’re using arrow keys, a mouse, or a joystick. Just know that yawing maneuvers are extremely sensitive. Practice this a lot since many people pull too hard and lose control of the helicopter.

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Once you have the Basics

Rolling can be used as a great evasive or defensive maneuver. You will be much harder to shoot down if you manage a barrel roll. The tricky part is that while it makes it harder for others to get you, it is also hard to keep control. Also, pay attention to which direction you roll, as you do not want to crash into something that is on your side.

Shooting is obviously the most attractive part of flying a helicopter. While shooting is not hard, it does require you to be confident and good at flying. Otherwise, you will be too distracted trying to remain stable in the air while also shooting. You also need to account for distance and time for bullet travel. Know that from a helicopter, and you cannot instantly shoot someone with high accuracy.

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