As a new release, Back 4 Blood players are running into a plethora of issues in the game. One of the common ones being reported is that sometimes the voice chat doesn’t seem to work as it should. The fix for this problem depends somewhat on the source. Below, we have listed the two most common solutions for this issue.

Option One: Don’t use a Mixamp.

Many of the players that are reporting an issue with the voice chat not working mention having a Mixamp for their console device. While this doesn’t cause an issue for most games, some players find it interferes with voice chat in Back 4 Blood specifically. To get around this issue, players should plug their mic directly into the controller/device.

Option Two: Use in-game voice chat only.

If you are in a voice chat with a party on Xbox or PC, that may interfere with the voice chat in the game. If you’re in a party, leave the voice chat and check your voice settings in game to make sure you only communicate there.

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Option Three: Check your audio settings.

The in-game audio settings can be a challenge to understand, leading to some players not realizing they changed something they didn’t need to change. Check your in-game audio settings to make sure these things are set as:

  • Mic Volume: Above 50
  • Voice Volume: Above 50
  • Voice Input Device: Set to your preferred mic channel.

Everything else is optional, but it’s recommended to just keep the default audio settings. Once you have checked your in-game audio settings, check your PC Sound settings as well and make sure they’re correct.

Option Four: Update everything.

Make sure your game has the latest patch/update installed and make sure the drivers for your audio device are current as well. It is also recommended that you enable automatic updates for Back 4 Blood while it’s still a new game, so you don’t have to worry about updating it if they push a fix for any audio settings.

Following the steps above should fix the issue with the voice chat not working. If it doesn’t, we recommend contacting the support team at the Back 4 Blood website to make them aware of the issue.

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