Overwatch 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Blizzard’s highly popular Overwatch, and it launches with new heroes, maps, game modes, and more, as well as returning content. Unfortunately, players should expect bugs and issues to be present with any new launch, including Overwatch 2. This may leave you wondering how to fix the ‘Unexpected server error’ in Overwatch 2.

How to fix the Overwatch 2 ‘Unexpected server error’

Fixing the ‘Unexpected server error’ in Overwatch 2 is a relatively simple solution. To solve this issue, simply close Overwatch 2 completely and relaunch the program. It may take a few tries for this solution to work, but with enough persistence, you should be back in Overwatch 2 in a few minutes. The issue for this is primarily server overload, so you can expect this error more around peak times or near Overwatch 2’s launch date.

If the ‘Unexpected server error’ issue still persists, there are a few other solutions you can try. Here are some possible fixes for the ‘Unexpected server error’ in Overwatch 2.

  • Check your internet settings.
  • Change your Battle.net region settings.
  • Verify Overwatch 2 is up-to-date.
  • Uninstall and reinstall Overwatch 2.
  • Disable any third-party VPN.
  • Check if your console or PC requires an update.

You should also check to see if there is a widespread issue with Overwatch 2’s servers. You can check the official Overwatch 2 Twitter or the Blizzard support page. Lastly, if you still have the ‘Unexpected server error’ appear, you may need to contact Blizzard’s support for help.

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