No news about an official fix coming from Neon Giant to fix the ultrawide issues for The Ascent. Instead, the community has decided to take this task upon themselves to get it fixed.

From the PCGW (PC Gaming Wiki) community, User By Rose has uploaded a fix for the Field of View/ultrawide issues. This tool can adjust the FOV in real time to pull back the camera so it’s no longer zoomed in to match what it would be like playing at 16:9 (1920×1080.) This fix also removes the black bars from the menu screens and any cutscenes in the game, yet they are still there upon loading screens.

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To implement the fix, follow these instructions:

  • Download the archive from The Ascent ultrawide & superwide fix
    • Choose from the file depending on what platform you are on—Steam or Microsoft Store (Game Pass)
  • Unpack it, wherever you choose, or in a separate folder inside the game location
    • Use the password pcgw
  • Launch the game first, followed by the tool
  • Press the keys instructed by the tool to remove/toggle the FOV/aspect ratio
    • F9—Black Bars, Aspect Ration and FOV Toggle
    • F3—Decreased field of view
    • F4—Increase field of view

This fix may trigger some anti-virus software, even though it is safe to use. The tool must be kept active the entire time you are playing The Ascent. If you close the program, the FOV/aspect ratio will default back to how it initially is.

This ultrawide fix is compatible with the Steam version and the PC Xbox Game Pass version. Just choose the correct version upon downloading. The PC Xbox Game Pass version is having some problems with updating, why the difficulty options have not appeared.

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