Tower of Fantasy is an online shared open-world experience, meaning you will need an internet connection to enjoy this title. With any online game, errors and bugs are bound to appear, including the Update Error, please try again. This may leave you wondering how to fix this Update Error in Tower of Fantasy.

How to fix the Update Error message in Tower of Fantasy

If you encounter the Update Error, please try again in Tower of Fantasy; it is likely that your version is outdated and needs an update. Check which version you are using and see if it is up to date. With pre-loads arriving before launch, it is possible an update was released, and you need to download it. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling Tower of Fantasy.

Upon launching Tower of Fantasy, you may get a notification that an update has been released. Other times you may not get this pop-up, and you need to check for updates yourself. You can do this by clicking the three lines in the launcher’s top-right corner on a PC. On mobile, check your app store and see if an update is available.

One thing to check before downloading and updating is whether you have enough storage for it. You may need to delete other apps or data to free up space for the update. If updating does not work, you may need to contact Hotta Studio for more Tower of Fantasy support or check the Discord.

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