GTA Online on PC looks fantastic, and is a great way to enjoy the chaotic aspects of Grand Theft Auto with your friends and buddies! As of late, however, there has been a saving failed bug appearing which has been annoying to many players, especially because it’s never good to lose game progress. So, here is a way to fix it.

Basically, the way around this currently is to force the game past the bug, and make it auto save anyway. To do this you will want to:

  1. Alt+F4 out of the game window
  2. Wait until the Quit option appears
  3. Click Escape (ESC) and then click back into GTA V
  4. Wait a few moments and the game should then save
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By doing this you are not completely leaving the game, but the game has registered that you’ve exited out to the point where it wants to save. This fix comes from Reddit user MottX and they say that it has been working every time they have tried it.

Another way to try and force this is to go into changing rooms at a clothing store, or load into a mission and come back out.

It is worth bearing in mind that this message can sometimes be a server blip, so it may go away on its own – but in the case that it’s still persisting after hours of playtime this is the most common approach to getting the game to save currently.

Hope that this helps! Looking for more guides? Check out how many cars you can sell in a day in GTA Online.

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