One of the first quests the player can attempt to tackle is to fix the Riverway Bridge that leads to the Spring Hamlet. To do so, the player must listen to Rana who instructs Concord to whack the glass crystals that control the bridge. There are a few Rot monsters in the area that the player should deal with first to make their task easier.

However, these glass crystals must be hit in the correct order as each crystal will cause different switches to activate. Some crystals can activate multiple switches while some will only control one. Hitting the switches in the incorrect order will leave the player having to correct their mistake.

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The correct order to hit them is the labeled switches 1, 2, 3, and 4. Hitting the switches in this order will cause the switches to activate and deactivate in the correct order so that all three will be activated. With all three activated, this will raise the bridge.

With the bridge raised, Rana will congratulate Concord on completing the quest. The player will be able to return to the Spring Hamlet as well as complete the rest of the quests for that day.

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