Online video games share their fill of online errors, and Back 4 Blood, the upcoming cooperative FPS is no different. Although players may be eager to wipe the streets free of zombies, they may encounter this error: “The profile service is in maintenance mode.”

If players experience this Back 4 Blood error, the only fix is to wait for Turtle Rock Studios to turn the servers on. This error occurred during the Back 4 Blood open beta launch in Aug. 2021, as many players geared up to play for the first time. Server maintenance, however, is expected of many online launches, and even more so while the game remains in testing.

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As a result, it’s unlikely that the “The profile service is in maintenance mode” error occurs on the user’s end. What this means is that Turtle Rock Studios is likely finalizing the servers on their end before a massive amount of players launch the game.

If players want to receive updates during Back 4 Blood downtime such as the maintenance error, we recommend following the Turtle Rock Studios Twitter account. Following the developers directly is often the best source of discovering server status reports in real time, and Turtle Rock has provided status updates in the past.

In the unlikely case that Turtle Rock does not provide a status update through their media channels, we suggest resetting your home internet connection and/or the device you are playing the game. While this likely won’t fix the cause of the “The profile service is in maintenance mode” error in Back 4 Blood, resetting your home devices often clears the cache, which helps improve speed times and can often fix any potential unknown issues.

If all else fails and other players have not reported any server issues with the game, then it is worth submitting a customer care ticket to Turtle Rock Studios. While many online issues fix themselves over time such as the “The profile service is in maintenance mode” error, sometimes the last resort is contacting the developers directly.

Need to get in touch with Turtle Rock Studios due to a Back 4 Blood connection error. Players can contact the studio by submitting their name, the subject of the issue, along with an explanation of the connection error. Until then, players can look forward to the official release on Oct. 12, 2021.

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