Psychonauts 2 has several strange and mysterious machines along Raz’s journey through the minds of friends and foes alike, but not all of them are in the best condition. The Astralathe will need some TLC to get it up and running again, so make sure Raz takes the proper steps to fix this psychic tool.

Two obstacles are stopping the Astralathe from functioning: the intrusive vines and the swarm of bees. There are several solutions to this multifaceted problem, so follow the methods listed below.

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  1. To take care of the vines, Raz needs to find the source. Follow the vines outside of The Relic Room and to the greenhouse outside of the facility where Bob Zonotto resides.
  2. Head into Bob’s mind (Bob’s Bottles) and repair it. Gather three separate seeds throughout the level and create a plant for Bob, one of monstrous proportions.
  3. Confront the Truheltia Monstrabia boss at the end of the level to conclude this game’s segment.
  4. With Bob’s mind repaired, the vines subsequently recede after a brief cutscene, leaving only the bees in Raz’s way.
  5. Find the source of the bees by circling The Relic Room and finding a trail of honey.
  6. Grab the smoker next to the warning sign with Telekinesis to combat the bees and make your way up to the facility at the end of the honey trail.
  7. Once inside the facility, talk to Cassie O’Peia and hop inside her mind (Cassie’s Collection) for another repair.
  8. Find each aspect of Cassie and return them to the Librarian and prepare for another boss battle.
  9. Fight the Die-Brarian and free Cassie’s mind. Once freed, Cassie can ward off the bees and allow the team to access the Astralathe and enter Nona’s mind.

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